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The following are additional resources that might interest you.

National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA)
The National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA) advances employee rights and serves lawyers who advocate for equality and justice in the American workplace. NELA is the country's largest professional organization that is exclusively comprised of lawyers who represent individual employees in cases involving employment discrimination and other employment-related matters. NELA and its 68 state and local affiliates have more than 3000 members.

Workplace Fairness
A website designed to expand an employee's knowledge of workplace rights.

The Employee Rights Advocacy Institute For Law & Policy
Founded in 2008 by the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA), The Institute's mission is to advocate for employee rights by advancing equality and justice in the American workplace. The Institute achieves its mission through a multi-disciplinary approach in combination with innovative legal strategies, policy development, grassroots advocacy, and public education.

Can My Boss Do That?
This website provides answers to common workplace questions, including getting hired and fired, getting paid, time off from work, workplace safety, and much more.

Federal Employees Legal Survival Guide. Law Firm of Passman & Kaplan, P.C., National Employee Rights Institute (NERI), $39.95. This book is a must read for any federal employee who feels mistreated at work. Over five hundred pages in length, the book is comprehensive without being unduly complex, giving thorough coverage of such topics as collective bargaining agreements, retirement benefits, promotions, ethics, security clearances, and discrimination.